Compassionate Drug Counseling & Job Training

Trust God’s Property in Los Angeles, California, to work making life easier. Our staff provides drug counseling, job training, life skill classes, and medical services to our clients. We often hold a family night each week to encourage family healing, support, and bring our services to new clients. We’re currently looking for sponsors who are willing to help pay the costs for those we help.

Drug Counseling

Our on-staff, licensed counselor provides drug counseling service, help with Social Security forms, and help with a variety of personal situations. We set meetings for clients and help them reach their goal of transitioning out of our program and back into society. Trust us to provide the tools you need to beat drug addiction and to provide the tools and direction you need to reintegrate with your local community. Twelve-step meetings are available in-house, with support from former addicts and plenty of positive people.

Raised Hands - Drug Counseling

Our substance abuse and drug counseling treatment includes meetings, random drug tests, and three of the most well-known 12-step programs available – Alcoholics, Cocaine, and Narcotics Anonymous. Our drug-free environment will help you to stay clean, and our zero-tolerance policies ensure you’re protected from temptation.


Life Skills & Job Training

Our goal is to ensure that every client leaves with the skills they need to succeed in life. We provide job training and a range of life skill classes, including budgeting, day-to-day living, and many more. Our program has a 90% success rate. Clients who enter the program and remain sober for a 12-month period go out, find employment, and get their own apartment. Many of our clients stay connected by talking to our newest residents and sharing their stories.


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