About God’s Property

God’s Property is a dedicated transitional program in Los Angeles, California, with a vision of creating a community collective of persons who have been incarcerated, homeless, or live with HIV and have profound expertise and success in recovery using real-life experiences shared through strength and hope. We currently offer a 12-bed transitional living home to properly screened candidates needing help with HIV case management and resource services in the community. Our goal is to help our clients have meaningful, successful, and independent lifestyles and to reintegrate back into society successfully.

Our staff is passionately committed to helping men living with HIV along the journey to sobriety to become, once again, productive members of society. We believe that everyone, if given a structured, real life opportunity will establish change and grow independently to escape the grips of substance abuse. These virtues can be the result and are an asset to the community. We’re always looking for sponsors to help provide for our clients. We have a few, but there are many more needed to help pay for these services, which include medical care, substance abuse therapy, housing, and other services. Our team has more than 10 years of experience and a record of success helping others, so you can count on us to improve our communities.

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